The absence of pullorum-infected birds during the sublines versus red-colored-legged young children is really worth mentioning

The absence of pullorum-infected birds during the sublines versus red-colored-legged young children is really worth mentioning

The absence of pullorum-infected birds during the sublines versus red-colored-legged young children is really worth mentioning

Probably, a man mothers of those specimens was in fact homozygous on gene W. In twelve sublines from 20, where male mothers were heterozygous (Ww), hens with pullorum problem was in fact identified. Selection regarding people will be carried out contrary to the recessive gene w (yellow epidermis).

The fresh Prohibited-and-Speckled Leghorn is actually an enthusiastic eggs-laying reproduce but it’s too big. The real time pounds regarding 150-day-dated pullets try 1.74 and therefore of adult hens are dos.0-2.step one kg. The alive pounds out of dicks was dos.5 kg. Age of readiness is 165 weeks. Annual development is 220 eggs averaging 58 g. Champ layers promote 270-290 egg per year. Egg shell try solution otherwise white; options is occurring getting cream colour. Virility of egg are ninety-95% and you may hatchability 80%. Survival price of the more youthful up to 150 days of age is actually 95%; in adults it’s 87%.

The characteristic feature of the new population is an excellent carcass appearance. In this trait they are superior to all known breeds of coloured chickens which carry the dominant gene E. Barred-and-Speckled hens, when mated passion.com with cocks of the C1C2 male parental form from the cross Hysex white, produce three-line hybrid layers, which are as good as four-way hybrids.

Barred-and-Speckled Leghorns are bred to own increased eggs development and also for combining feature regarding cross with men parental contours from White Leghorns.

Black SPECKLED AUSTRALORP (Cherno-pestraya avstralorp)

An experimental population was created at the All-Union Research Institute of Farm Animal Breeding and Genetics by breeding inter se descendants of Black Australorps which had been injected intramuscularly with blood from Barred Plymouth Rocks. The total volume of components injected during 11 months amounted to 330-380 ml per bird. The 1962 experiment resulted in 1093 offspring (F1). Among them were birds in which the juvenile moult produced, instead of black, a partially or completely white plumage. The number of chickens (F1) with depigmentation in groups which received injections of the whole alien blood, plasma, and blood elements was 4 (2.2%), 2 (1.9%) and 1 (0.9%). The control group had no specimens with white plumage.

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Mendelian study revealed that the new white colour of this new plumage into the birds gotten in this experiment is determined by the effect out-of the newest partial-dominant gene De- having 40% penetrance in the heterozygotes (Dede). The phrase from depigmentation varied greatly during the individual chickens.

Experimental birds and additionally presented a significant type about down the color of one’s embryo. Also black colored, which is normal getting Australorps, almost white was seen, with quite a few transitions between the two. Assuming that this might be good recessive profile, the fresh new mating out of heterozygotes is bring twenty five% from times. The latest departure of your observed count (7) on the theoretically asked (8-9) appeared as if perhaps not mathematically significant.

Birds with light embryo down was bred inter se and you will crossed having birds having other off colour. Within the 1973-74, more 5000 including girls had been hatched. Their decisive plumage was black which have a little depigmentation. It absolutely was confirmed that light shade of new embryo down is actually inherited as a recessive character in relation to black and this it’s controlled by the fresh new autosomal gene sp (spot). New gene sp prevents melanin synthesis from inside the homozygotes not only in individuals generations of one’s plumage, but also in the shanks. It advances significantly the look of Black colored Speckled Australorp carcasses (dede spsp), compared to original breed – Black Australorps (dede SpSp).

A few F5 females birds put 33 girls seven (21%) where were light which have a small black spot with the straight back

Further breeding try presented with this particular classification and you will elevating off birds holding the latest De- allele is abandoned. Wild birds that have light decisive plumage (DeDe SpSp) had plans defects with apparent symptoms of exophthalmos and anexophthalmos.

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