For many who need to complete Zen’s Informal Story and watch A great Stop you really need to discover answers you to a bold

For many who need to complete Zen’s Informal Story and watch A great Stop you really need to discover answers you to a bold

For many who need to complete Zen’s Informal Story and watch A great Stop you really need to discover answers you to a bold

Getting a celebrity

We know he’s become perfect as the my personal child.(*Zen) Let me select his performances real time one day. (Zen + Jaehee)

I believe your worry too much from the Zen. (*Zen + Jaheee Break) I hope that which you goes better having Zen. I’m completely supporting your. (Jaehee + Zen)

Learn from product sales

Thus, a burger is finished when the lettuce, meat, and sauce come together and dance. (707) I have no idea what you’re saying. (<<)

Must not Zen desire more on functions whether or not? (*Zen) He’s handsome, however, he or she is even fit… Very incredible. (Zen + Alt Alternatives)

Good-looking me personally

You have natural talent and amazing looks… and plus you try hard. You’ll succeed for sure. (<<) So what if you're good looking? You don't even have a girlfriend.

I believe he only required you really need to prevent bragging. (*Zen) Are you currently really popping in commonly to speak with me? (Zen)

Worth of beauty

I think Zen is the greatest star. He is handsome and then he also really works hard. (Zen) Zen is a bit… extreme. (*Jumin) In my opinion Zen is really so good looking. The guy have to be out-of another entire world. (Zen)

Really don’t really think he or she is that handsome. (Zen) There’s no doubt regarding simple fact that their appears bring about jealousy. (Zen) I am worried anyone else might want Zen on their own.(*Zen)

Nonetheless, I enjoy apperance. Though that isn’t everything. (Zen) I do believe money is more vital than charm. (*Jumin + Zen)

Jumin, you never such as female? (*Yoosung) Anyways, Zen is the most suitable on the outside as well as on the inside. Very isn’t really the guy primary? (Zen)

I don’t envision Zen was dumb after all! (Zen) I really don’t like people who showcase often. (*Jumin) Zen’s besides attractive on the exterior, thus i try not to care. (Zen)

Don’t you have to go to work now? (<<) I'd like to see more photos of you, Jumin… (*Jumin + Alt Selection)

Got the role!

You are not going to show off again, have you been? (Zen + Alt Choice 2) You become a beneficial talking to me, proper? ^^ (*. ) Why, did things a great happens?! (Zen)

…I am worried she might just hit for you. (*Zen) I am a little while envious but I really hope that which you happens better to own your! (Zen)

However! Best wishes! (Zen) You reach act having a high profile today… You’ll not worry about me personally anymore. (*Zen)

Reflect woman? OMG

I feel like you’re making a big fuss… I won’t be happy with just an autograph. I want his everything! >.< (*Zen) I should get his autograph too ^^ (Zen)

Jumin’s render

Don’t you imagine it is an awful idea to own Zen to accomplish a play with a singer…? (*Zen + Jumin) Do you learn about Zen’s new character? Congratulate your

Zen’s autograph try priceless… ^^ (Zen) I do believe everybody’s and then make an excessive amount of a publicity. (*Zen) Is Echo Girl you to definitely popular? Zen need to be really good… (Zen)

. I’m alarmed Reflect Girl get ideas to own Zen. (*Zen) Are you willing to think she’s going to let Zen attract more popular? (Zen)

In my opinion Jumin is generally harsh to your Zen. (Zen) I believe Jaehee try hitting towards the Zen an excessive amount of…;; (*)

You should have our Zen encourage a thing that he’d eg…;; A pet eating commercial? (*Zen) In my opinion that is best. He is to take every chance he gets. I really don’t imagine Zen will cherish one to… (Zen)

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You frequently enjoy kittens, Seven. (707) Possibly for those who dress up as the Jaehee, they will let you when you look at the? (707) You ought to very treasure your own pet, Jumin.


Zen, I am here. The new pet food industrial… Have you been often to do it? (*Zen) What’s going on that have Jaehee!? (Zen)

Very very bad out-of him to help you mess with your!! (Zen) I believe it is an effective idea. Why don’t you contemplate it. You need to simply take every opportunity you have made. (*Zen) Try not to take it so adversely

Make an effort to avoid him, Jaehee lolol (Zen) If it’s into business then i suppose nothing is you will do. (*Zen + Jumin)

I think Zen doesn’t want to do the job for personal explanations. (Zen) He could be a pro, thus however have said yes in the event that he might. (*Zen)

I do not imagine they things whom Zen serves with so long since they are talented. (Zen) Really don’t really think it is preferable either. Undertaking Jumin’s industrial was more of good use. (*Zen)

I’m just creating what i feel. Thank you for getting they in that way. (*Zen) Jaehee, it seems as if you might be jealous. (Zen)

Many thanks for worrying about Zen, Jaehee. However, we’ll take care of it to your our personal. (Zen+Jaehee) I really don’t envision your trust me, Jaehee. (*Zen)

I am able to include the nation

Selection step one I wish to sneak a peek Zen workouts. (Zen) I do not consider Jaehee likes me personally. Hiya, Yoosung. (*Yoosung)

I’m sure you both try really hard but the result…. (Yoosung) Why don’t you try something more constructive than playing games? haha (<<)

That would be real to have Zen, but I really don’t feel anything. (*Zen) I enjoy that Zen is truly sweet in my opinion ^^ (Zen)

Jaehee’s only becoming jealous out of me. (Zen) I believe Jaehee is cautious away from me given that she actually is his fan. I understand she setting no harm. (Zen)

Zen against Jumin

Zen… you like to drink? Then was drinking smaller for your body? (*Zen) Things are forgiven when you yourself have good looks, this doesn’t matter. hahah (Zen) Really don’t really like one to photos.

I don’t imagine Zen is quite elite. (*Zen + Jumin) If Zen states he cannot want it, the guy will not enjoy it

You are right, however, have you thought to thought his allergic reaction a bit more? ^^ (Zen) I do not thought Zen has actually anything to eliminate of the perhaps not delivering your chance, Jumin. (Zen) In my https://datingranking.net/catholicmatch-review/ opinion Zen’s pride is a big disease. (*Zen)

Jumin… you are really convinced hahah Isn’t that the latest ideas you need to take if you’d like to shed an excellent star? (Zen) I believe Zen cannot are entitled to is functioning having a mindset that way. (*Zen+Jumin)

I am unofficially of kitties

Jumin and Zen… Actually around in any event so they are able go along? (Zen) I think Zen has been a little while psychological (*Zen) Having top do you really bring? I am aware you will be to the Zen’s edge of way. (Zen)

Then generally you’re on Jumin’s top! lolol (*Zen) I am version of sick and tired of these are kittens… Ought not to your end up being cheering to have Zen? (Zen)

I don’t this way Jumin keeps fooling having Zen He could be allergic… (Zen) Zen’s a celebration pooper so i doubt it. (*Zen)

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